Better time management. Protect you kid's eyes. Prevent shortsightedness!

Better time management, healthier life style

A session timer and a daily timer can be preset for each day of the week. When the time is up, the Health Control will alert the user to take a rest, otherwise it will turn off the TV.

Easy on the eyes

Kids tend to get too close to the TV screens. The Health Control can warn the viewer for being too close and shutdown the TV if the user does not keep the right distance. The alert distance is adjustable from 30 to 200 cm.


  • Alerts when too close or for too long
  • Turns off TV when time's up or too close
  • Records TV viewing time for each day
  • Adjustable TV viewing session limit and daily limit
  • Bonus time for flexibility
  • Trendy digital clock
  • Accurate and adjustable distance detection using ultra-sonic technology

TV boy


Model SE110
Size 107 x 33 x 30 (mm)
Display Blue LED
Digital Clock 24 hour, four digits
Timer - Session Limit Adjustable from 30 min to 120 min, 10 min increment
Timer - Daily Limit Adjustable from 1 hour to 5 hour, half-hour increment
Alert Distance Adjustable from 30 to 200 cm, 10 cm increment
Minimum Alert Distance 30 cm
Maximum Alert Distance 200 cm
Maximum Sound Level 70 dB
Alert sound frequency 4 KHz
Remote Control for TV IR Learning
Battery AA (1.5V Alkaline) x 1 (Included)
External Power 5V DC Jack, AC/DC Adapter Included
Technology Ultrasonic
Usage TV, Desktop Computer
Limit Daily Time & Limit Session Time

Optional USB cable and Software for PC

With the optional USB cable, the Health Control can be connected to a PC for better time management.

The bundled software called Health Control allows the parents to set time limits for weekdays and weekends.

Exceptions can be handled and usage history can be displayed.

Time limits & Usage history