Life can be fun and healthy

Better time management, healthier life style

A session timer and a daily timer can be preset for each day of the week. When the time is up, the Health Control will alert the user to take a rest, otherwise it will turn off the screen.

Easy on the Eyes

Too close! Many kids tend to get too close to their books, game consoles, computers and TVs. This can cause short-sightedness. With Health Control series of products parents can feel much relieved.

If kids are too close to the screen, the Health Control will alert the kids to keep the right distance.

Suitable for hand-held game console, TV, PC, notebook, writing, reading...

There are four models for different purposes.


  • Helps to prevent Myopia
  • Alerts when too close or for too long
  • Records elapsed time
  • Automatically switches on and off
  • Increasing level of alertness
  • Accurate ultrasonic or infrared technologies
  • Long battery life
  • Patented design