223D (Two to 3D)

The patent pending 223D (two to 3D) technology from SmartV enables a normal 2D computer monitor to display 3D contents.

The first product is called 223D Start Kit which includes a pair of 223D Glasses and a Controller that links to the PC. The fashionable glasses is using active shutter technology with built-in rechargeable batteries. The Controller works with the glasses wirelessly via infrared.

It is compatible with the latest generations of PCs. The 223D stereoscopic video player software is to be installed on the PC.

In short, the US$69.95 223D Start Kit will enable you to enjoy 3D video at home without spending a fortune in purchasing a new 3D monitor with glasses, and possibly a new display card for your PC. To enjoy your 3D contents with someone else, you can add an extra pair of glasses that costs $39.95 in retail.